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Lodge vs. Camp, the choice is yours!

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 18:06
Stop getting crazy in front of the safari catalogue you're reading right now! At least, take a breath before choosing the accomodation - lodges, camps of several types... ok, you might have more or less nomadic attitude.

A trip to Tanzania will give you the chance to choose different places for your overnight, even to change every day. Then, have a quick read to this "guide to safari accommodations" - it will be nice, after that, to mix & match and make your itineray unique!

The Lodge: no compromises about comfortThe most similar to the classic city hotels, they are built with bricks and offer all the comfort you may expect. Usually belonging to big or medium-big chains, they take reliability as main value. On the other hand, in some of them you won't feel the "safari atmosphere", as the priority is to offer the same standard regardless for the location.

Lodges are the best option if you are looking for a totally comfortable accommodation, even in the middle of the bush! 

Permanent Tented Camp: a tent like homeplace  The great "safari atmosphere", in the most comfortable setting. You will spend your overnight in well equipped and fully furnished tents, built on wooden or stone permanent structures, sometimes roofed with the typical makuti.

Usually these tented rooms are self-contained and don't look too different from a regular hotel room. 

Semi-Permanent Tented Camp: moving with the seasons The most classic safari accommodation, made of small tented structures that move around the park to follow the migration of the animals. Tents are usually quite comfortable, furnished with beds and self-contained - but the main value of these camps are the locations, since they move to the most amazing areas of the national park, where you can enjoy unforgettable panoramas.

Semi-permanent Tented Camps are good if you want want to feel the safari atmosphere, where a barefoot luxury is balanced by the possibility of sleeping in beautiful locations. 

Mobile Camping: into the wildMobile camping is not very common in Tanzania, but it is still a good option for travelers who want to stay in the middle of the wildlife, with no filters. In this case, you are going to travel not just with the safari guide but also with a cooker that will take care about your dishes. You are going to carry all the camping equipment on the safari vehicle, so you need to reduce the size of your luggage.

Camping safari are often semi-participant, as the guests are welcome to take part in the setting of the camp in the evening. For real adventure lovers.

Following the Great Migration...

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 16:48
A wildlife safari following the Great Migration is without any doubts one of the best experiences that Tanzania can offer. Every year, the endless Serengeti National Park becomes the scenic frame where more than 2 millions wildebeest, zebra and gazelle migrate looking for greener pasture.

This amazing natural show is a good reason to plan your trip paying attention to the calendar! If seeing the Great Migration is the main goal of your safari, it's better to contact directly our specialists... but in the meantime, have a look at some quick guidelines.

December - March Don't miss Ndutu region and Ndutu Lake, part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is the place where big herds of herbivorous concentrate in these months. This area is the continuation of Serengeti South.

For accommodation, the most famous place is Ndutu Safari Lodge, but there are also several mobile camps that stop here in this period.

April - MayDespite the wet weather typical of the rainy season, these months are still a good option for people looking for a real adventure in the low tourist season. The migration moves from Ndutu to Serengeti South, Western Corridor and Serengeti central.

This is also the area where most of hotels are located, so you can easily choose between a small and intimate tented camp and a big lodge like Sopa or Wildlife.

July - OctoberThe Great Migration congragates in Northern Serengeti, most of all along Mara River. This is one of the less visited areas of park. You can reach it from Arusha, the starting point of many safaris in the Northern Circuit.

Going to unspoiled area of Serengeti, it is possible to combine the safari with a visit to the majestic Lake Victoria and the nice Mwanza town.

October - December Once reaching Northern Serengeti, the herds of herbivorous enter in Masai Mara Park (Kenya) and then, from the end of October, they start their travel back to Southern Serengeti and Ndutu area, where they can be seen from December.

You can find our special 'Great Migration Map' on our website. Have a look!

Exploring the lakes of Tanzania

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 22:09
Many travel routes in Tanzania are not so obvious... this is why we are here, and today we want to talk about something different from the classic safaris and beach holidays.

With this short guide, we want to introduce the many and different lakes that you can visit in Tanzania. Some of them are very famous and right along the most famous itineraries; others are off the beaten tracks... and are amazing surprises as well!  

Lake Victoria 
The most famous lake of Tanzania is the Lake Victoria, with its extension of 68.870 km2 and belonging also to Kenya and Uganda. It is the largest lake in Africa. It is mainly a "water crossroad" important for transport services and economic activities - not a typical destination for travelers, but still it there is something to say about.

One amazing tourism spot is a good reason to go there: Rubondo Island National Park, a small protected area along south-west coast... a real hidden paradise! Another chance to enjoy Lake Victoria is to spend one or more days before or after a safari in Northern Serengeti near Mwanza or on the suggestive Lukuba Island, 13 km offshore Musoma, Mara Region.

Lake Tanganyika 

In Tanzania there is also the second largest lake of Africa, the Lake Tanganyika. Its area is shared with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Zambia.

Very important for economic and strategic reasons, it is as well an area rarely visited by tourists. As first it is not very easy to reach, but it becomes a good choice in an itinerary that includes Mahale Mountain National Park, that is known especially for the possibility of tracking chimps.

Not everybody know, but here it is also possible to organize activities on the lake, like fishing and diving. So, why not?

Lake Niassa  

A small part of Lake Niassa (widely known as Lake Malawi) belongs to Tanzania. While the Malawian part is a famous destination for tourism, the Tanzanian side is less known. But still, it offers the chance of discovering amazing places: one for all, Matama Beach.

Lakes Natron and EyasiSmaller, but often included in itineraries across the Northern Circuit, the Lake Natron, Eyasi and Manyara are destinations that we highly recommend to visit.

Lake Natron can be a good option for a "break" during a wildlife safari in the most popular national parks. In this area it is possible to have amazing trekking around the lakes, to Ngare Sero Falls or to Ol Donyo Lengai.

Another famous area in Northern Tanzania is the Lake Eyasi, a seasonal salty lake that is home for Hadzabe, one of the last tribe of hunters. Here it is also possible to visit Datoga people and have a complete cultural experience.

Lake Manyara 

The most visited lake during a wildlife safari in Tanzania? The Lake Manyara indeed, part of the national park with the same name. Visiting this area is considered one of the best "appetizers" to start your safari the best way possible.

This is also the area where you can spot the climbing-tree lions. A real unique place in the world!

Best beaches, surprising resorts. Welcome to Zanzibar!

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 11:11
Amazing beaches, green palms, blue sky and crystal ocean. This is Zanzibar, the place to go at least once in your life!

Much of the fun is about the resort you choose, and we know it. Friendly service, good rooms and well mainteined areas for relax and socialization are the "must-have" if you really want to enjoy your stay.

There are a lot of different beach resorts, at different budget and levels. More expensive doesn't always mean better - it really depends on who you are and what you're looking for. Zanzibar offers so much in terms of hotels and resorts, that you can easily getting confused... and still out there there is the right place for you, for sure.

Today we're here for this reason. There are some places we know very well in Zanzibar, and we're happy to recommend. Let's have a look!

Matemwe Beach Village ZanzibarMagical Ocean is next door...

Located along the North-East coast of Zanzibar, in Matemwe, one of the most stunning and unspoiled beaches of the island, this hotel offers nice rooms and an amazingly friendly atmosphere. Guests can enjoy an authentic African experience and feel like being part of a big family.

The view on the Ocean in simply unique: this is a side quite closed to Mnemba Atoll, where the colors of the Ocean changes every time in a magical way.

Matemwe Beach Village has also a very good restaurant and a rich menu of tasty dishes, and can cater for all kind of dietary requirement you may have.

The Gem of the EastZanzibari big classics never get wrong...

Probably the most famous resort in Zanzibar, The Gem of the East offers the right mix of luxury and African design. The structure includes a total of 138 rooms, all with private terrace and sea view, where you can enjoy one of the most amazing sight on Indian Ocean.

High quality service is guaranteed: 4 restaurants and 3 bars that can cater all food tastes and a wide range of activities suitable for all ages and expectations.

Mtoni MarineNearby the town, fun and relax for everyone...

If you prefer to stay near Stone Town, Mtoni Marine is the best option: it combines easy and quick access to the most famous historical places to visit in Zanzibar, with the comfort of a beach resort at the same time.

The hotel is suitable for all kind of travelers and gives a particular care to families, offering a kids pool and special menu.

Mtoni Marine borders with the legendary Mtoni Palace, where the famous Princess Salome was born. Next to the amazing view on the ocean, it offers a wide range of facilities like infinity pool, spa and restaurants.

Fumba Beach LodgeSomewhere else, in the unspoiled nature...

Located just 30 minutes away from Stone Town, along the unspoiled West Coast of the island, Fumba Beach Lodge is one of the best kept secret of Zanzibar.

The hotel is set in a lush 40 acres area in the Menai Beach Conservation Area and offers all the tranquility and serenity that you can expect in an area not beaten by mainstream tourism.

The view on the Ocean is stunning and the rooms are finely designed, a good mix of simplicity and comfort in a very relaxing atmosphere.

These are just few of many options for your accommodation in Zanzibar. If you want to know more, have a look at our Live Blog itinerary across the best hotels and resorts in Zanzibar!

The best for last? CheCheVule private villa...

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 22:40

It will be thrilling to return to Matemwe tomorrow to try something completly different.
After 1 week of hotels, resorts and lodges on to private villa. This is their own description:
Che Che Vule Villa
Karibu Zanzibar, Che Che Vule - “Welcome to Zanzibar, Welcome to Che Che Vule…”Welcome to your Private Villa escape in our little piece of paradise on the East Coast.
Located on the sought after Matemwe beach strip and overlooking an azure blue ocean, the Villa provides privacy, private butlers, a vast range of activities and one on one seamless guest service. Our two acclaimed Swahili chefs are fluent in authentic Swahili and fusion dishes and most importantly they adapt the menu to your preferred palate using only the freshest Island ingredients.
Enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding tropical garden, kickback and relax at the pool, dip and play in warm Indian Ocean water and revel in Zanzibar’s mystic Island atmosphere and history… Whilst, we take care of your every need… Karibu!

La Gemma dell'Est - The Gem of the East...

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 22:20

Hoping my translation is somehow a little justifiable...

Arriving today a little before lunch, getting taken care of with a warm welcome, a cold face cloth and a refreshing juice - and then "We gave you a upgrade!"
The feeling of having a Club Villa - 3 luxury double bedrooms, all with their own terrace plus a living room in the middle - a terrace there too...
Our son TK: "Dad - this room I like - my own TV, fridge and shower... Let's stay here! At least if we can go in the boat!"

Being a "top of the shelf - all inclusive" resort - with a swimming pool like half a football field - for the ones it fit - this is beyond description. Now after a fantastic dinner in a large, but still intimate and welcoming atmosphere - we look forward to keep you updated!

Special ways to discover Tanzania!

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 11:18
Time to plan your trip to Tanzania, and your dream is to include something "different" in your itinerary...  something unique that will amaze your friends and family, wheter they're traveling with you or just enjoy stories and pictures later.

Paka Adventures' safari specialists have selected for you something interesting! Let's have a look together...

Balloon Safari
The hot-air balloon safari is probably the most unforgettable and exciting experience that you can try during a safari in Tanzania: just after sunset, your driver will come to pick you up at the lodge or tented camp where you have spent the night and will drive you to the balloon site. Here you will meet the pilot and get ready to start the flight. After the take-off, the wind will drive you to discover breathtaking landscapes and to watch the fauna in their natural habitat from a unique perspective. After landing you will celebrate the flight with the traditional champagne toast and enjoy a full English breakfast under the acacia trees. The most popular balloon safari in Tanzania is the flight over Serengeti and it is recommended especially during the period of the Great Migration.

Biking Safari

Bikers cannot loose the opportunity to join the amazing itineraries lasting one or more days, discovering the amazing rural area of Northern Tanzania by bike. Cycling is an uncommon way of travelling for tourist in this country, but offers the chance not just to visit some of the most authentic and less touristic areas but also to experience directly the local culture and lifestyle.

Railway Adventure

Not everybody know, but it is as well possible to cross Tanzania by train! Of course, this is something for the most adventurous travelers... but if have this kind of attitude, why not? Tazara is the railway line that connects Dar es Salaam to Zambia and offers weekly travels that stop in many Tanzanian small towns. Travelling by train in Tanzania is a unique experience, but a big quantity of patience and ability to adapt is required, as unforeseen events might happen everyday. For people looking for a luxury experience, but still fascinated by trains, we recommend instead to check Rovos Rail, that offers extraordinary itineraries around Africa including stopovers in Tanzania.

Unique Accommodations

If the plan is to stick to a classic classic itinerary and just add a special touch to your holiday, we suggest to try one of the "non standard" accommodations available around the country. A special mention goes to the "underwater room" of Manta Resort in Pemba, a real undersea room in the Indian Ocean that offers a magnificent view on the marine life. Instead, if you prefer a "outdoor" option, we recommend the new tree-top room in the Rubondo Island Camp ( or - if you prefer to visit the most classic Northern Circuit - the Tarangire Treetops Camp (

Have a good trip!

Third out - Sunshine Hotel

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 10:00

Sunshine Hotel - also in Matemwe have been used some by our guests. Tuesday we move just a little with our family - and give it a go!
Sunshine is describing themselves this way:
We would like to invite you to a magic place where you will experience the charm of a tropical island. We hope the information and the photos on this website will give you the feeling of our hotel.
Sunshine Hotel
is a 15 room, beach hotel, located in Matemwe on the north-east coast of Zanzibar. Sunshine Hotel – Eco friendly, stylish and cozy, carefully designed by professional designers, creating a unique chilled-out ambiance to make you feel happy and relaxed. Set right on the unspoiled white sandy beach, lined with palm trees and washed by warm, turquoise waters of Indian Ocean, it’s a perfect getaway from every-day life.

We all look forward to visit - and to share our experience with our friends. Check our blog and Facebook for updates!

Who will be choosen?

Moving on to a old favorite - time to test Matembwe Beach Village

Sun, 10/12/2014 - 10:00

We have been sending a lot of our dear guests to Matembwe Beach Village - to Gail and her capable staff - always with satisfaction.
Their description is:
Matemwe Beach Village is a Zanzibari guesthouse... Not a hotel and not a resort and we regard this as a matter of pride!
At Matemwe Beach we have guests and not clients, they relax; make themselves at home amongst our books, games and huge cushions. They make great friends with the staff and the other guests. Our aim is a simple one: to provide authentic, stylish and comfortable accommodation, in an atmosphere of relaxed hospitality and friendliness, while services are provided effectively and efficiently. We live in peaceful co-existence with the villagers who conduct their lives amongst us.
Located on the north east coast of Zanzibar, close to the Mnemba Atoll, the Matemwe area is a very special part of Zanzibar. Those photos you see of long white beaches, aqua waters and swaying palm trees... At Matemwe Beach that is our reality! 
But despite being outstandingly beautiful Matemwe has not been taken over by resorts or haphazard and ugly developments. We are 45 minutes away from Stone Town and an hour from the airport on a good tarmac road.

We know this will remain on of our best sellers - but will it be approved? 

First one out - Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 15:55

Our first test - from tomorrow till Monday we will be in the North East of Zanzibar - trying out Mapenzi!
This is a all inclusive hotel - and this is their description:
While admiring the luxurious gardens with tall palm trees and colorful bougainvillea or the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, the deluxe 87 rooms of Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club will ensure that you envisage the sheer beauty of tropical nature.
Stroll through the gardens to the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, stretch out on a sun bed, bathe in the blue pool or challenge yourself in one of the many activities or water sports offered by the local animation team.
Dining facilities include a main buffet restaurant, a beach pizzeria, and a’ la carte restaurant and 2 bars offering refreshing drinks, snacks and cocktails in the evening.

Will they receive our "STAMP"? 
We will keep you updated!

Evaluating new hotels and lodges...

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 13:07
As to be sure we at all time can offer our esteemed guests the best accommodations while having your adventure in Tanzania with us - we check and test out our partners.

We are now launching our new campaign - Manager's Choice - where our personal favorites will be awarded and promoted. Our other partners are still good choices, but haven't been tested the same way, or are a style which we personally don't chose.

Our testing this times will be in Zanzibar - our program will be posted later.
We will also to our ability keep our readers here on the blog and on our Facebook site updated as we proceed with our 10 day testing tour!

Short Safari Experience

Sat, 10/04/2014 - 10:58
Today we have some special advise for all the people who have just few days but don't want to miss the experience of a wildlife safari in Tanzania... so let's have a look at the best itineraries to spend just 2 days and 1 night living this amazing experience.

If your starting point is Arusha, you can't miss some of the most famous park of the Northern Circuit of the country. 2 days are not enough to reach by road the popular Serengeti, but we can suggest a couple of nice alternatives.

2 Days Safari in Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is easily accessible from Arusha town: the road is in good condition and the journey takes less than 4 hours. This park is crossed by the Tarangire River, that gives name to the park. This source of water is particularly important during the dry season, when it is possible to see a huge number of animals around its shores.

During the game drive it is possible to see a good variety of mammals (elephant, zebra, wildebeest, etc.) as well as birds and an amazing landscape. If you decide to visit this park, we recommend to leave Arusha early in the morning, so you will have all the day to visit the park, enjoying a picnic lunch in the wild and then relax at your lodge or tented camp before dinner.

The second day you can have an early morning game drive before heading back to Arusha and get back to town by lunchtime.

2 Days Safari in Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area 

If you don't want to miss one of the most famous attraction of Tanzania - the Ngorongoro Crater - but you have just two days, we suggest an amazing itinerary that combines it with a safari to Lake Manyara National Park.

The best time to descend the Crater is the early morning, so it is better to sleep somewhere around there rather than departing from Arusha and visit Ngorongoro the same day. We suggest to spend the first day at Lake Manyara National Park: being located just 126 km South-West from the town, it can be reached in just one hour and half travelling by car.

So, if you start your travel early, you can spend all the morning game driving, enjoy a picnic lunch in the park and then another short afternoon safari before moving to Ngorongoro area. Here you can decide for the unforgettable experience of a night on the rim of the Crater or, if you want to save some money, you can stay in the town of Karatu, where there is a wide range of accommodation available, from budget to luxury.

On the second day, the alarm-clock will ring very early, so you will have time to descend the Ngorongoro Crater just after sunrise and to enjoy a rich game drive in this unique place. Around mid-day it will be time for a fast picnic lunch; then you will ascend the Crater and travel back to Arusha, where you can expect to arrive at late afternoon.

If your starting point is Dar es Salaam, you can't miss the chance to visit the unspoiled and wild Southern Circuit of Tanzania. Here you can choose some of the best itineraries for a 2 days/1 night safari.

2 Days Safari in Mikumi National Park 

A safari in Mikumi National Park is probably the most popular option for all the people who are in Dar es Salaam and want to try this experience in just a few days: the park is easily accessible from the city in four to five hours driving on a tarmac road.

So, if you leave Dar Es Salaam early in the morning, you can arrive by lunchtime in the park and enjoy a long afternoon game drive before going to relax at your lodge or tented camp. The morning of the second day, you can have an early morning game drive before starting your travel back to Dar es Salaam.

If you want to try local cuisine, we also suggest to stop along the way in the town of Chalinze, where you can taste some delicious typical Tanzanian food.

2 Days Fly-in/Fly-Out Safari in Selous Game Reserve 

Selous Game Reserve is one of the world's largest protected wildlife areas, as it is larger than Belgium! If you have just two days to spend there, we recommend to book a flying safari. In the early morning you will reach Dar es Salaam Airport, and in a short time you will land directly inside the Selous Game Reserve.

Once there, after the check in at your camp, you can choose between a game drive or a boat safari or a walking safari. After a long day, you will enjoy a delicious dinner and socialize with other travellers around the bonfire organized by your camp.

The second day, after a good breakfast and some relax, you will be ready for your last game view en-route to the airstrip, where you will board your flight back to Dar es Salaam.

For more information or to book your safari, contact us at

Accommodation during safari? Camping, in style!

Sat, 09/20/2014 - 16:05
Looking at the stunning African landscape, the animals just a few meters away… like the adventurers who used to explore these places centuries ago, sitting out of a tent with their travel diary in the hands.

Overnight in a tent can be a special experience and Tanzania, with a wide choice of campsites and tented camps of every range, is a good place indeed if you want to go for this type of accommodation.

The nice part is that being super-adventurous is not necessarily required. Camping here can be “regular”, if you want to build your small tent in a safe area equipped for this purpose and to cook your meal on the fire. But it can even be different, if you book an elegant tent in a luxury permanent camp… practically unique.

Today we want to show you some of our favourite camping options, ranging from budget to high-end types, in different areas of the Country. Let’s go!

Ikoma Bush Camp (Serengeti)

First plus, the location: along the western corridor of the park, taking in Kirawira and the Grumeti River - home to the infamous wildebeest-eating giant crocodiles. A great choice for your game drive as well, especially if you come to see the great migration. We are on a mid-range, where you can enjoy a simple tent and a rustic ambiance, but still comfortable and well equipped.

Crater Forest Tented Camp (Ngorongoro)

An eco-friendly camp, in an amazing location - 1800 meter above sea level on a highland coffee plantation called Kirin Coffee Estate. It consists in 15 tented rooms (with ensuite bathroom), all on platforms with magnificent views over the Ngorongoro Forest… adventurous and romatic at the same time. You will wake up in the middle of the awakening forest, after a good sleep facilitated by the fresh climate of this area.

Jongomero (Ruaha) 

Here luxury is a statement. And the location is perfect, as Ruaha is one of the most beautiful national parks of Tanzania, the largest one and not too spoiled by the massive presence of tourists. The camp is composed of eight large and well-appointed tented suites, all built on raised wooden platforms and under enormous thatched roofs that also encompass a spacious private veranda. The camp is not fenced, and some animals can cross the area… you will see them on the short distance, well protected in your comfortable and elegant environment.

Hondo Hondo (Udzungwa)

All the camping you can dream, in the same place. If you want to go basic, with your own small tent and barbeque food, you can settle your tools in the beautiful and safe camping area. If you want to get a traditional Tanzanian “banda” bungalow, you can go for it as well. And if you prefer to stay comfortable, you can choose an ensuite tent nicely furnished. The environment is rustic, but extremely welcoming - good food, simple and kind people, and that nice warm feeling common to mountain places.

Jimbiza Lodge (Selous) 

A budget choice, but still a good one. If you feel more comfortable sleeping in a bungalow, you can have this option as well. Otherwise, you can choose a tent or a tent on lifted-up platform. Simple and good service, easy but tasty food, and the price stays affordable. If you like a backpacking travel style and if you prefer an environment with no frills, this might be the place for you.

When happy trekking has to be “budget”...

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 10:30
Tanzania, mountainside. It’s not a secret, hiking to the top of Kilimanjaro is not for everybody… and not for every pocket!

But still, that special feeling in the air of mountain places is something that travellers can’t resist: the light breeze, the forest leaving place to the rocks, and that team spirit which brings together the participants in a trekking expedition…

Not everybody know, but there are many other options to climb, aside Kilimanjaro. And all of them are a unique experience that is worthing to be tried. We want to tell you something about.

Udzungwa Mountains 
A seldom visited itinerary, even though the access is quite easy. This hiking is enjoyable for all the family, as long as you keep a quiet rhythm while walking. At Udzungwa Mountains it is possible to find rushing waterfalls, steep slopes, many animals, birds and flora species; it’s so exciting to get to the iconic Sanje waterfall, even for people who are not experienced climbers. Day trips are possible, so it’s nice to include Udzungwa between safaris in the Southern Circuit. Besides, price is affordable.

Crater Highlands 
For those people always looking for uncommon places. Crater Highland is a volcanic area, located along the eastern side of Ngorongoro Conservation Area and rising up from The Great Rift Valley. Because of its nature and origin, it pleases the sight with a landscape made of beautiful volcanoes, intact and collapsed ones, one next to the other as a chain. If your itinerary is in the Northern Circuit, it is a brilliant idea indeed to include hiking here.

Uluguru Mountains 
We are in the Southern Circuit again, right nearby the town of Morogoro, a few hours driving between Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve. These mountains offer a panorama that you don’t expect - of course, they are a kind of “tropical mountains”, full of green rainforest, palms, rounded tops and valleys where you will also cross small rural villages and farmed areas.

Usambara Mountains and Lushoto 
Usamabara is a wide chain located nearby Tanga and the border with Kenya. It includes two main areas, East Usambara Mountains and West Usambaras Lushoto Mountain Reserve. The extension is huge, as well as the choice of itineraries, ranging from the day trip to several days hiking. The environment is various as well, with peaks, plains, rock formations and waterfalls. And it is good for occasional hikers and expert climbers as well.

Mount Meru 
Better known as the best acclimatisation before the Kilimanjaro challenge, the trekking on Mount Meru is also a mid-range itinerary that makes sense on its own. Mount Meru is an active volcano that stands in the middle of the Arusha National Park, and because of this reason it is also a chance of seeing a huge variety of over 400 species of animals and birds. The tour takes some days, and it is mandatory to be accompanied by an armed ranger.

Map of budget trekking in Tanzania 
View Budget Hiking in Tanzania in a larger map

On safari with Paka Adventures. Experience of a traveling lady.

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 17:26

It has been fun and interesting to travel with Fabienne, who chose Paka Adventures for her first trip to Tanzania. At the end of an intense week of safari, she accepted to talk with us about her experience. Enjoy this short interview!

Did you enjoy Tanzania? Was it like you expected or different?

I didn't get too much information before leaving... I preferred to be surprised! I like Tanzania, I really didn't expect such different landscapes and such a various environment, neither to see so many animals. I'm happy with the choice to do my safari in Selous Game Reserve, which is not too crowded and still unspoilt.

Have you been happy with the accommodations along your way?

All the lodges and tented camps were good level ones. Hondo hondo in Undzungwa was a bit more rustic, but still a very nice and welcoming place to stay. Mikumi Wildlife Camp is simple and elegant, it has an amazing atmosphere that I think it's perfect for couples on a romantic trip as well. Selous Wilderness Camp is really in the middle of the nature, the experience is unique because you listen that animals are really on the short distance – maybe I won't advise to people who are scared of animals, but it's great instead if you love the environment and if you need to take a break from the routine, mobile, internet and all the stressful things of normal life.

Would you advise other people to have this experience and travel like you did?

I really think that this type of safari is good for people traveling alone like me, as well as for couples. For families with kids under 6 years old it might be a little bit difficult to manage to do everything. I liked the fact that I saw animals from a very short distance, but people who are scared of big size ones should be more cautious in choosing this itinerary.

… Thank you for being with us, Fabienne! We hope to hear from you soon!


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