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Arusha town – the blooming starting point to the famous Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro as a few of your options, will usually be a part of your northern Tanzania adventures, if this is the sites you choose to visit.

Photo: Noel Feans

A fast growing touristic town that gets more than 400.000 visitors every year, either going to, or coming back from one of Tanzania’s many wonders.

The town is surrounded by coffee plantations, wheat- and maize estates, which have been a major livelihood for this area since the 18th century. You will see alluring nature and landscapes around this farmland, dominated by the Rift Valley escarpment and the Crater Highlands with its volcanoes.


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The roots of modern Arusha started during the German colonial time in the 19th century, and are today the seat of the East African Community, and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, set up by UN in November 1994 after the horrifying genocide that killed more than 800.000 people the same year.

You will have a lot to explore if you spend a few days under the conical shaped summit of Mt. Meru, overlooking the city from the north. Souvenir shops everywhere, the distinctive Maasai people are all around you, and you have a variety to choose amongst for eating, relaxation or nightlife.

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