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“I found a walled town on the western foot of the Uluguru Mountains, with its fine valley abundantly beautiful, watered by two rivers, and several pellucid streams of water distilled by the dew and cloud-enriched heights around” was the description from Henry Morton Stanley, when he passed Morogoro en route to his historic encounter with Dr. Livingstone.

Photo: Noel Feans

On your maybe not so historic travel, but still exotic and adventurous, you will pass Morogoro if your wildlife safari takes you to or from Selous Game Reserve, Mikumi, Udzungwa or Ruaha National Park. Or if you want some nice hiking in the Uluguru Mountains, this agricultural town will be your base camp.

Kisabengo, the leader of fugitive slaves made this area his capitol, and called his settlement “Simbawenni” – The Lion King.

This settlement became important to traders, Christian missionaries and later the Germans, who made Morogoro a base during their military conquest of Tanganyika.


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You will get the best free entertainment in this city at the main market, with hundreds of vendors coming from the mountains every day to sell whatever they have; Tomatoes, peas, tangerines, bananas, papayas and coconuts, also delicately woven baskets, woodcarvings and coconut-wood chairs.

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