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When you disembark from the ferry or the plane who brought you to the island, is the start of a journey passing through centuries of different culture, but it is also a journey with unforgettable impressions, from people, architecture, and for sure the nature as well as the wonders of the ocean!

Photo: Matt Kieffer

This mysterious group of islands, often considered one, consists of Pemba in the north - outside the coastal town Tanga, and 50 km further to the south, Unguja.

Unguja (wiki) is the island all think of as Zanzibar, with the legendary spice farms and Stonetown (wiki), where late rock star Freddie Mercury of the band Queen, was born and raised.

This islands are also widely known for it's role as a trading post in the Indian Ocean, especially it's ark past as the main slave marked.

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Zanzibar were freed from the colonial government 10th of December 1963, and after a blood shedding revolution in January 1964, Zanzibar and Tanganyika united and formed Tanzania the 12th of April same year.

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